Thankful to have worked with many types of people, across a variety of fields. Even more thankful that my work made a small difference in their lives.

David C.

Vice President, The Markets LLC

Ari is a remarkably accomplished woman. I have had the pleasure of knowing Ari as my Administration and Marketing Specialist at The Markets LLC. Ari not only excelled in both vendor and employee relations, but also showed an uncanny ability to understand and analyze complex consumer behavior projects. She was always willing to contribute to team discussions and demonstrated excellent communication skills.
Ari often asks insightful questions and is clearly fully engaged when on task. Many of the projects we work on are difficult in nature, and I would say that 1 in 10 of the employee’s that have worked in various capacities for me over the years match her ability to quickly grasp and contribute creative ideas. In a generation of employees who often expect to be protected from difficult and uncomfortable situations, such as hard work, this stands out as a refreshing and important characteristic.
This is an individual who is exceptionally hard-working and reliable. Through Ari’s work experience she has amassed skills in time organization and intelligent, well thought out solutions which far outweigh her peers. She deals well with responsibility and is very conscientious.
Part of Ari’s success comes from her diligence and personality. She is very friendly and approachable, yet extremely sharp. I feel confident in giving her my highest recommendation.

Michael M.

Fullfilment Supervisor, Khol’s (Former Senior Caption Coordinator, LNS)

As the Senior Caption Coordinator at LNS Captioning for 10 years, Ari far and away stands out as the best I’ve worked with. Her skills, vision, and tenacity took over while working on projects and always completed them with exceptional results. She looked to make routine tasks more efficient and had a special ability to handle whatever was thrown her way. Whether it was marketing, coordinating or accounting, she took on each responsibility with equal energy and passion. It doesn’t matter what role she is given as she will exceed expectations each and every time.

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